Heat Pressing

This is where it all began for us. Unsatisfied with the service we were getting when trying to get customized soccer jerseys from local shops and large online retailers, we bought a professional grade heat press and started pressing our own jerseys to make sure we got it right. That involved us not only maintaining our heat press to keep it clean and operating properly, but also doing the research on everything we press. From proper application settings for garments and embellishments, to watching old highlight videos to figure out the proper placement for name sets, patches, and everything else.

This expanded to pressing jerseys for family members, doing uniforms and custom apparel for friends rec league teams or work events, all the way up to where we are today. Even though the scale is larger, we still treat everything we press as if it were our own personal item. Our high attention to detail means your items will be looking perfect for years to come.

While we mainly focus on soccer jerseys, we are happy to provide our professional, high quality heat pressing services to anybody in need of them. You need it to be heat pressed, we can do it. We are happy to heat press any item or embellishment, whether you have bought it from us or somewhere else. Contact us to see what we can do for you!